The section resources contains the public results of the project including the dissemination material (newsletters, papers, posters) to be downloaded



  • NEW! Published the sixth project newsletter, dedicated to the project final results – December 2019
  • Published the fifth project newsletter, dedicated to some of the top-performance bio-based end products manufactured within the project – July 2019
  • Released the fourth project newsletter, dedicated to a better understanding of KaRMA2020 positive impact on the society! – December 2018







Below are provided information about the scientific and peer reviewed publications elaborated from M19 to M36, in the frame of the project dissemination strategy.


CIDETEC published:


VTT published:


IBWCh published:


CNRS published:


 The following peer reviewed publications are currently under submission and review phase, and official information are to be released in the next months.


  • Films from an aqueous suspension of alkaline pretreated and fine milled chicken feathers. Submitted on 9.12.2019 to Materials Science and Applications. Current status: Under review;



  • Bio-Based Composites from Industrial By-products and Wastes as Raw Materials. Current status: the paper was submitted into the Composites Sci & Technoland;



  • Composite nonwovens with natural additives. Current status: the paper was just reviewed and the article will be published in Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe, probably in January 2020. After that date, an open access link can be provided.



  • Bio-based flame retardants from waste source, paper submitted in the 5th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference, planned for May 10th -13th 2020 (Bonn, Germany). The Conference will be held after the project ends but the paper was previously submitted.




The following popularized, non-scientific publications were issued by the KaRMA2020 partners in the frame of the communication actions.


CIDETEC issued:


Centexbel issued:

  • Recycling Keratine-gebaseerde materialen uit industrieel verenafval (January 2019) – the journal is distributed to the CTB members;
  • Brandgedrag & Vlamvertragers (October 2018);


AIMPLAS issued:


CiaoTech issued: