VTG – Vertech Group

VTG is a French research intensive SME that focuses its business on providing advance environmental and sustainable solutions for different sectors such as sustainable revalorization of agricultural and urban residues. Vertech Group is specialized in sustainability and risks assessments of novel technologies and modelling of industrial and chemical processes. VTG is member of the French Life Cycle Assessment Platform AVNIR, The Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation, the Indian LCA Alliance and the Ibero American Life Cycle network. The staff of VTG has over 10 years of experience on international cooperation, performing the referred activities. The company is based in Nice, in the French EcoValley, that is the first example of a real sustainable urban environment in France. Vertech is also present in Spain and has expansion plans to other markets besides Europe (e.g SouthAmerica). VTG is member of the French Life Cycle Network-AVNIR, The Forum for Sustainability through life cycle innovation, the Indian LCA Alliance and the Iberoamerican Life Cycle Network. Vertech Group contributes with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle initiative and the DR-JRC from the EC. Vertech has organized the Second European Workshop in LCA in 2015 and is organizing the third one to be held in 2016 www.vertechgroup.com/lifecycleassessmentworkshop/speakers.php
Role in the project
VTG will lead the activities concerning the Risk Assessments of the proposed feather valorization to fertilizers, packaging applications, etc., the implementation of specific risk assessment methodology, in order to reduce risks to a minimum level and to assure the highest possible safety and reliability. Vertech will also perform the Modeling and simulation of the feather processing, manufacturing of keratin-based products and the scaling up.