SIOEN – SIOEN Industries NV

Sioen Industries is market leader in coated technical textiles. With 4300 people worldwide, an extensive portfolio of coated fabrics is offered to the market. Among the applications we can mention PU coated fabrics for garments, mattress covers, wound care patches, upholstery, automotive coatings. Further to PU coatings, textiles coated with PVC or silicon rubber also make part of the portfolio (tensile architecture, truck covers, publicity banners,…). Sioen Industries is vertically integrated: from the spinning of the yarns, over the weaving and coating to the finishing/confectioning of the coated fabric to semi-finished or finished goods, all within one and the same company.
Role in the project
Being the largest coated textile producer in the world, Sioen Industries will apply the keratin-based raw material streams into their PU-coatings.