Processum is part of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, and has a strong research based on lignocellulosic raw material within the fields of general biorefinery development, biotechnology and organic chemistry. Processum offers research and development support in the areas of biotechnology and organic chemistry. The core competence of Processum is in the field of bio refinery with specialist competences within organic synthesis, flow chemistry and biotechnology in lab and pilot scale. Processum has during the last 5 years invested in pilot units with the purpose to strengthen the development of new products and bio refinery processes. The equipment is suitable for scaling up laboratory results, evaluating and improving new processes and preparation of larger quantities of material. The equipment is built to handle flammable materials and is capable to utilize high pressures and temperatures. The ATEX classified equipment and the processes are designed with a high degree of safety awareness and risk mitigation. Processum is also part owner and coordinator of the Biorefinery Demoplant (BDP) and the new crystalline nanocellulose (CNC) pilot installed 2017 located on the same site.
Role in the project
Processum will scale up the steam explosion process as well as the enzymatic and the DES processing of feather material, extraction/ isolation of material up to pilot scale.