AVT – Avantium

AVT is a worldwide recognized leader (Cleantech Top 100 Company) in catalytic biomass conversion into furanic building blocks and high throughput technology. It has created an impressive patent portfolio in this area and is a proven adept of the open innovation model. From 2011 to 2015, these novel concepts will be demonstrated in a first of a kind pilot facility. AVT has over 145 employees and employs a team of 65+ highly educated professionals (more than 40 PhD’s) who are experts in biomass pre-treatment and conversion, humins, methyllevulinate, syngas chemistry, organic chemistry, catalysis, engineering of robotic systems, process engineering, statistics, analytics, chemo informatics and software development. AVT’s employees are dynamic and enthusiastic people, open-minded, ambitious and professional. The company fosters creativity as well as a result-oriented, customeroriented attitude.
Role in the project
In KaRMA2020 project, Avantium will supply humins, the carbohydrate derived by hydrophilic resin to assembly composites together with the poultry feathers. Avantium will also test feather/resins processing technologies for the preparation of humins/keratin based materials and composites targeting innovative applications.