AIMPLAS, Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, is a private, non-profit Association with more than 500 associated companies created in 1990. AIMPLAS is formed by +105 highly skilled professional, more than 65% with a Masters, Engineering or equivalent degree in Chemistry, polymer engineering, materials engineering or equivalent, including 15 PhD. AIMPLAS’ fields of work are related to technological research and development on thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials & products, its transformation processes and their recyclability and sustainability. AIMPLAS generates new knowledge and technologies that can be transferred to companies in order to help them to increase their effectiveness and competitiveness. AIMPLAS, as research center is focused to help companies in the plastic sector to develop new products and increase their competitiveness through innovation, has more than 20 pilot plants representing the most relevant polymer/plastics/composites production technologies present in the industry nowadays and has state-of-the art test facilities for chemical, optical, morphological, mechanical and physical characterization. These pilot lines and laboratories are used by many customer’s every year allowing them to test new materials, optimize production processes and launch new products to the market, supported by AIMPLAS technical staff, resulting in more than 5000 assays, 170 technical assessments and 120 skills training actions to more than 1500 clients per year. AIMPLAS has state-of-the-art 8500 m2 facilities, including thermoplastics and thermoset pilot plants, analysis and testing laboratories (physical-mechanical, chemical, packaging, automotive and construction) and training areas. Our main research lines include the production of bioplastics from organic by-products, nanotechnology, coatings and plastic processing.
Role in the project
AIMPLAS will take part on technical steps: AIMPLAS will work in the production of fireproof additives from modified keratins, will develop polyurethane based coating with green fireproof properties and will contribute to the characterization of final products.