KaRMA2020 sponsored the 6th annual World Open Innovation Conference

Last December 2019 in Rome, KarMA2020 sponsored – jointly with other Horizon 2020 projects (BIOPEN, DESTINY, AUTOSHIP) – the 6th annual World Open Innovation Conference on “Opening Up for Managing Business and Societal Challenges”.  Every year, the WOIC brings together experts from the business community, facing real-world challenges, and connect them with the world’s leading academic scholars conducting research on Open Innovation. The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between theory and practice to foster stronger connections between business practice and academia, accelerating innovation and providing focus for further research. More in details, KaRMA2020 jointly sponsored the event and hosted an industry session on “Overcoming Bottlenecks that Block the Successful Use of Open Innovation within Organizations”, where both challenge and solutions for industry to engage in Open Innovation and collaborate with stakeholders from public, private and research sectors were analysed.