Great success for the KARMA2020 & AGRICHEMWHEY workshop in Belgium!

KaRMA2020, in collaboration with AgriChemWhey, held the workshop “Symbiotic industrial and agricultural value chain & Valorization of agro-food waste into biopolymers for packaging, what can be done in Wallonia? Lessons from the EU projects AgriChemWhey and KaRMA2020” to promote the building of symbiotic agro-industrial value chains for the production of biopolymers (especially for packaging) from agro-food wastes, with a particular regard of Wallonia region. The event, which took place last 9th May 2019 in Gosselies (Belgium), represented the perfect opportunity for the stakeholders from Wallonia to meet and to interact with partners of the two EU projects and have a brainstorming session to investigate the potential connection of agro-food and polymer industry sectors. During the workshop, representatives of CiaoTech and Sioen have animated the roundtable disseminating good practices provided by the KaRMA2020 experience. Find out more about the event here.