Fertiberia, S.A. is the second largest Spanish capital company in the chemical sector, has a highly sound balance structure, upon which Grupo Fertiberia’s expansion is based. Fertiberia produces the most comprehensive range of intermediate and finished products. It produces solid and liquid simple and complex fertilizers, thus covering all the needs of today’s farmers, providing them with fertilizers for large-scale unirrigated crops and crops using traditional and drip irrigation methods, regardless of their weather and soil conditions. The diversification policy fostered in recent years has allowed for strong growth and an increasingly relevant presence in other chemical sectors not related to agriculture. Industrial products currently represent 38% of Fertiberia’s revenue and 44% of the Group’s revenue. Thus, Fertiberia’s presence in other industrial sectors as a supplier of raw materials to other large companies in diverse industries grows every day. The activities in the ammonia and derivatives industry, in which the Group is one of the main operators around the world, must be noted. Furthermore, Fertiberia is the only primary manufacturer of the AdBlue solution in Spain and one of the main manufacturers in the European Union.
Role in the project
Fertiberia will test some polymers from queratine as coating for fertilizers granules. The objective is to analyse if these coatings can give to a controlled release of nutrients in the soil when applied to the fertilizers granules as a coating. Furthermore, resulting materials from feather treatments will be also evaluated as a raw material (N and/or organic matter source). Lab and camera test will be made, such as dissolution test and drainage columns, and trials with plants will be developed. Finally, Fertiberia will validate the technology for the application of the new additives to the fertilizer.